Monday, 12 November 2012

Time to share...

This morning I read Adesola's blogs on her experiences of the last few days. I found her writing really made me think about dance within the bigger picture, which is something I've been struggling with over the last, well, since forever; the ongoing battle that rages in me between getting my students "exam ready" and allowing them to explore their world and be a dancer.

Adesola wrote about several lecturers in her posts and as I read on I found that I was interested to learn more about some of the people she had mentioned. The first person I have searched for is Susan W. Stinson, and, after reading just one of her papers, I have found myself talking to my laptop screen, nodding my head in agreement with the things I have just read, scribbling furiously in my journal, and generally becoming more and more enthused by what I have read.

Instead of blogging about my thoughts and feelings, as I want time to digest and carry out further reading, I thought I'd link to the particular paper that I have found so inspiring this morning:

What we teach is who we are: Reflections on the stories of our lives by Susan W. Stinson (1999)

Thank-you, Adesola, for turning what could have a been a dull, grey Monday morning into one that is now full of possibilities...

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