Thursday, 6 December 2012

Tap is Bach!

This post is for any time I've said "lovely, but your tap is a bit balletic" or commented on turned-out feet in a tap routine!

(To explain, I've been looking back through my journal entries whilst making notes for the Critical Reflection...)

Critical reflection - it's in our nature!

A friend of mine, and amazing teacher, who works with both disadvantaged kids and children who are differently-abled, posted this on her facebook page yesterday. 

It has made me feel humbled and helped me to remember that I'm the only one who can be held responsible for who I am; the only one who can choose between being the kind of person that creates inspiration, love and joy, or the kind of person who brings criticism, negativity, and hatred.

If anything is worth reflecting's that.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Task 3d Critical questions and issues that emerge

I've been working through some of the questions in the Reader (p23), in the hopes that it will provide me with some useful ideas for the critical reflection that finishes this module.
Instead of creating a piece of critical writing for this blog, one in which I formulate my thoughts into a coherent essay-style structure, I decided that I wanted to just answer each question by putting everything onto paper as it came to mind.
My idea is that this will be more honest, and, hopefully, give me a greater insight into the themes or topics I might be able to use for my assessed piece.

I have uploaded it to my GoogleDrive here:

If anyone has the time to read it I'd really appreciate your thoughts, particularly on anything that you feel recurs within my thinking, and that might be grouped to provide a theme or structure.