Thursday, 6 December 2012

Tap is Bach!

This post is for any time I've said "lovely, but your tap is a bit balletic" or commented on turned-out feet in a tap routine!

(To explain, I've been looking back through my journal entries whilst making notes for the Critical Reflection...)


  1. Wow this is so wrong yet so right!!

  2. Just plain weird!!! wel no its not plain anything. i genuinely havent seen anyone do a tap dance like that before, it was odd but brilliant. would you mind if i re post it on mine, more people need to see it !!x

  3. Hi sarah, so I re posted this on my wall, and mentioned that i'd found it on your page of course. I was jus thinking about it, and I wonder,... If dance is an expression of the body and mind, an art form if you will.. and we all know that art has no boundaries, it is purely down to the to the viewer to see it as they choose, .. well, if dance is art, but of course dance has hundreds of rules of technique and boundaries of good practice and tradition, DO you think that this, balletic tap, is wrong to break the rules, or is it just a way of saying don't get trapped by them. His technique is flawless, ,,, from a ballet perspective. but from the tap side, what can you say. I mean you can't really fault it can you?

    1. Hi Georgie,
      It's interesting you should say that, as I was very much torn between the "rightness" and "wrongness" of that clip when I first came across it!
      Then I started thinking that all I was really doing was rejecting the value of the piece simply because it didn't fit neatly into my box of "tap" or "ballet" - it challenged my perceptions of both. So I watched it again...

      As you say, his technique is flawless, his rhythms are spot on, and his style, although not what you'd conventionally associate with a tap routine, is impeccable.
      I think it's a wonderful example of the importance of not making assumptions about something just because you think you "know" what it is - something I am really beginning to understand by doing this course - and also, that pushing boundaries is part of what being creative is about, i.e. who says you can't do that?!

      What I also find interesting is that, because I "know" Sam Weber is a tap dancer I look at it from that point of view. However, if I didn't know who he was would I see a tapper doing ballet or a ballet dancer, tapping?...