Sunday, 2 December 2012

Task 3d Critical questions and issues that emerge

I've been working through some of the questions in the Reader (p23), in the hopes that it will provide me with some useful ideas for the critical reflection that finishes this module.
Instead of creating a piece of critical writing for this blog, one in which I formulate my thoughts into a coherent essay-style structure, I decided that I wanted to just answer each question by putting everything onto paper as it came to mind.
My idea is that this will be more honest, and, hopefully, give me a greater insight into the themes or topics I might be able to use for my assessed piece.

I have uploaded it to my GoogleDrive here:

If anyone has the time to read it I'd really appreciate your thoughts, particularly on anything that you feel recurs within my thinking, and that might be grouped to provide a theme or structure.


  1. Don't be afraid to follow your instinct and take that further step in your career that will take you ahead from other teachers. The only way to find out is to expirement and take the risk!
    You seem to question your ability whether you can teach in a college; Do you really want to teach dance in a theoretical way and why?

  2. Hi Anastasia,
    Thank-you for your encouraging comment. Risk is something that I don't do very well but I know that what can be gained from taking risks can be great.

    I seem to question everthing?! And I'm not sure I have the answer yet but...
    In the same way that I have found opportunity in this course, I think that I would find opportunities to delve deeper into the theoretical side of dance. I'm quite an analytical person when it comes to dance anyway. I like to know the why's, the how's, and the where did it comes from's.
    I feel that the difference in environment between dance school, where I am currently, and dance education in schools, which I hope to enter into, might be a good way of expanding my current knowledge and, by taking me out of my comfort zone, might push me to grow as a teacher.

  3. Hi Sarah, reading your document gave me a 'lightbulb' moment. When you desribe your use of your networks so far as a 'long term relationship' made me think that is exactly the same as me. If the truth be told I am unsure how to progress at the moment. I never thought I would have the confidence or skills to take on a degree course and this term has been eye opening for me. As a dancer I love my job but am after a new challenge a 'next step' but I am afraid to branch out from everything I have known for the last 9 years. I hope this course opens doors for me or encourages me to open them for myself. I hope your critical reflection is going well

    1. Hi Mimi,
      I'm sorry I've only just read your comment but I hope it means that since you wrote it you've gained confidence in yourself and what you can achieve.
      I hope that your critical reflection gave you a boost, I know that mine certainly opened my eyes to just how much I have gained in the short space of time I've been on this course.

      We're all here for each other, and we all have the same aims and objectives, even though we all have different opinions or perspectives. I know that I'm always here to listen, give support or bounce ideas off...