Monday, 16 September 2013


Today's blog is only a short one as I'm nursing a very poorly doggie atm (please keep your fingers-crossed).

The diaries have now gone out to the participants, and the responses to the 'briefing chats' I had have been very positive, inspiring and lead to one recurring question that had not even crossed my mind,
"What if I run out of paper!"
There was me hoping for one or two diary entries from my students, as I am aware that they have busy lives and new school years to cope with, and at least two of my students are asking me what they should do if they run out of diary space!!

One student even told me that she had read and re-read the aims and objectives, that I provided with the letter of consent, because she was really interested by the topic I had chosen and felt it was really worthwhile. This has really brought home to me how important the respect between teacher and student is in engaging, promoting value and developing not only learning but personal growth too.

Even if I should gain nothing further from this module I firmly believe that my teaching will forever be changed (for the better); taking the time, in the busy schedule of timetables, syllabus requirements, examinations and daily problems/ concerns, to connect as human beings is vital to the well-being and development of all.


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