Monday, 23 September 2013

Next steps

This is the start of the third week of 'diary time' for my students and I am now turning my thoughts to further reading on motivation in preparation for the participant interviews I shall shortly be conducting.
I am not looking to produce tightly structured Q&A style interviews as I would like each student to feel they can control the direction of the interview and talk for longer about the areas that they feel are most important to them. However, I also realise that I need to have a flexible structure - to guide any participant who may struggle with free-flowing chat - and also to allow me to cover similar ground during each interview - for more cohesive analysis and cross-checking of data.
So, here's my plan so far:
  1. Start the interview with short, easy questions for ice-breaking, relaxing the participant and getting the ball rolling,
  2. Develop topic or theme of 'motivation in the dance class' through increasingly more open lines of discussion,
  3. Allow time for participant to talk about their major issues, thoughts, ideas, concerns,
  4. Finish interview with a recap of things covered, allowing for anything additional the participant wishes to add,
  5. Possibly include a brainstorm, spider gram, ideas board aspect to the process to get a one or two word, cut-to-the-heart-of-the-topic set of data.
Well, that's the basic plan. Now I've just got the small matter of developing that plan in something suitable, interesting and relevant to all participants!!

Alongside further reading, and interview planning I will also need to begin arranging slots for these interviews, bearing in mind the need for safe, convenient and relaxing environments, by offering to fit in with student class schedules as much as possible.

I am also looking at options for the most convenient and reliable of recording devices to use, from Dictaphones to Tablets, with a view to reducing the intrusive or potentially time-consuming nature of having to record interviews.

I have also created a safe, secure storage area for all inquiry materials, one that is separate from all other paperwork, in which I can file any/ all data in an organised manner to help reduce the chance of mistakes or misrepresentation in my analysis and report.


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