Saturday, 14 December 2013

Getting things done...slowly

It's been an interesting couple of weeks, not in a good way, but I've been doing able to get a bit more stuff done this week. Phew!

My professional artifact is up and running here:
I really want it to be a useful site so if there's anything you feel should, or shouldn't, be there please comment below.
There's a forum so please join and share thoughts, ideas or stuff you've read that others might be interested in. I've just posted about a silly Christmas idea I had for my last Grade 6 tap class of the year - rhythmic pass the parcel!
There's also a blog where I'm hoping to post about stuff to do with motivation. My first blog is a very potted summary of my inquiry!

My Critical Review needed a complete overhaul from the draft I sent Paula. She was very supportive and gave me lots of helpful notes but I think it was a bit of a chore for her to wade through. So, after much cutting, pasting, scrapping and rethinking I decided the following:

It seems to have worked because, although it's still very rough, I quite enjoyed reading it through and didn't yawn too many times or ask out loud "what are you talking about?!" I've got two days off work - tomorrow and Monday - so I'm planning to immerse myself in it and then hopefully get into the nitty-gritty of references, appendices, citations and the bibliography too.


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