Sunday, 15 December 2013


I've always been one for a good story, whether it's in visual, verbal or written form. Tales of humour, tragedy, love and life are important to me, they fuel my imagination, my sense of wonder and pique my interest.

This thought was inspired by a post on Facebook from Timeout:
Such beautiful images that all draw me in, wishing to find out more about the lives of the subjects and forming stories of what came before and after the image was capture.

It created a mental connection to something that I have been reflecting on during my (many) attempts to write up my analysis of findings - the need to tell my students story through my writing. It's not just words, it's peoples thoughts and experiences. I owe them honesty, respect and a degree of humility in the way I make my report.
As I said in my blog update yesterday, it's time to stop trying to be clever or smart or anything other than true to myself. The story is enough.


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