Thursday, 5 December 2013

Professional *sigh ahhhhhhtifact

At long last I have weighed and measure, trialed and error'd, hum'd and ha'd and arrived at what I now consider to be my audience-appropriate, material-appropriate, and ethos-appropriate artifact! YIPPPPEEEEEEEE!

I have found a great free-website/ blog building site called, which I have been playing around with for the last few weeks. The website I built has mutated into a website/blog with forum and external links to existing research! It sounds busy and confusing but I think it will be exactly what I want, which is:
  • sharing my professional ideas/ thoughts/ inquiries,
  • collecting and sharing links to others work,
  • encouraging commenting and debate,
  • affording me control over content to ensure it is appropriate,
  • easily accessible through the web (and the bless site even has a mobile web application),
  • easily updated, and
  • has the potential to be linked to FB, Twitter, LinkdIn, etc. in the future.
The only problem I have with it is that I can't make it more accessible to people who find text a difficult medium, but as the artifact is not necessarily a definite answer but can be a work in progress then I am reasonably happy that I can spend more time in the future trying to develop this aspect.

I also need to get a little bit more clued up on what I can legally include and what would cause infringement of copyright as I would like to use my blog to post motivational memes as well as professional thoughts.
I hope to have it basically up and running in the next week or so (I'll blog about it and link to it from here) and would really love to people to start commenting and using the site - feedback about it here would be really appreciated.

I'm using a couple of blogs that I created earlier this month as my starting point on the site, as they are about my inquiry/ practice, so my apologies if you've read them on here.
I'd also love it if anyone has got things they would like to share on it (once you've assessed its use to you as practitioner) or even guest blogs...
OK so I'm getting a little carried away as it's not even a real site yet but I'm so a) happy and b) relieved to feel 'on the way' at last that you can't blame me for being bouncy!



  1. Hi Sarah

    I happy that you have found a way to present you artefact, I have been on and I'm trying to create my own website as we speak. it seems like a great idea and I completely understand concerns regrading copy right. i can't remember the last time i created a website, i think it was a few years ago. fingers crossed it goes well. Good Luck!

    1. Hi Sanana,
      Thank-you for your comments :) This is my first website so I'm really enjoying the experience and seeing what I can and can't do...

      I hope yours is going well too.