Friday, 24 January 2014

done but not finished

Module three is completed but as we all know, the journey isn't finished. I've already lookedat taking my study further as I'm proud of what I have achieved and eager not to go back to a static position in both my personal and professional life. I've also found a desire to expand my current practice so whether it's another course or a new role I hope to press forwards.
It was a real treat to see other presentations and to see the passion and commitment people have to their practice/careers. I wish everyone all the best S x


  1. Dear Sarah, I am also looking at moving forward with my studies and am in the process of applying for my next course. I really want to reach a place where I feel settled in my work and career. I have not yet felt the relief of completing my work as I still feel like the results are looming over me! Hopefully I will feel that relief soon xx

  2. Great! Thanks Sarah - your title says it all. Stay in touch! Bw