Friday, 10 January 2014

Oral presentation 1

I've taken most of this week to focus on the new school term and for the joy that is paperwork, accounts, etc.! Now it's time to consider the last component of this module - the oral presentation.

Paula has linked to some of her previous blogs in her latest post:

The things I have noted and will take on board as I start to put my PowerPoint presentation together are:
• 1 slide per minute -so if my maths is correct that's roughly 10 slides for the 10 minute presentation.
• keep it simple, clear and don't over-word the slides
• think of what you think the audience will find most interesting
• like the review, talk about what was important and what it means to practice and to the future you

I'm planning to get going on things this weekend but a few thoughts already on what to include are:
• what motivates my adolescents in order to develop my practice and, at the same time, give students a better experience of dance
• the only way to do this was through asking my students what motivates them and what doesn't
• develop my knowledge of motivation theory to allow for analysis of my students thoughts and writing
• my findings included atmosphere, being in control and considered on their own merits and the teachers approach and manner
• this led to my website or edublog that hopes to share ideas and literature relevant to the topic of motivating students but also a place for me to continue developing as practitioner.
• it has changed my outlook both professionally and in a much more personal way:
  ○ awareness, approach, understanding, appreciating,          developing - all words that are now high on my list when  teaching
  ○ accepting, letting go, sharing, trust, active not passive - all words that are now high on my list in my personal life

I am really looking forward to seeing other presentations, it's been so tantalising to read everyone else's blogs that only give hints and snippets about the inquiry.

Good luck, everyone

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