Monday, 20 January 2014

Oral presentation 2

Here's a copy of my prezi presentation:

I wanted to share it and get feedback on how people find it before my presentation on Thursday morning. If you have time to have a look and comment I'd be really grateful.

The content of each bubble represents an aspect of my inquiry - the first section shares the process from my questions to my findings, the second section shares what has changed in my practice in light of these findings and over the last 18 months.

I chose a prezi template called 'balance' as I felt it showed how all the aspects of the inquiry process and my practitioner development are related and highlights the need for 'balance' in order to create good teaching practice.

My presentation talk will obviously flesh out the aspects contained within these bubbles, but I have included all the main and important aspects of my inquiry and development to present in slide form so as to not overload the presentation with huge amounts of reading.

I'm looking forward to seeing all the other presentations on Thursday morning and hope that everyone enjoys this last part of the course.

Please comment if there are things that don't work for you as the viewer - the presentation needs to reflect my audience as much as it reflects me!

Good luck everyone.



  1. Hi Sarah,
    I have just had a look at your presentation on prezi and think it looks really good. Although I can't hear what you will be saying your points are clearly made. You always manage to fill your work with your passion for teaching, it comes through in every blog post I have read of yours and it comes through so clearly in the presentation. My only negative comment is that I am so disappointed that you are booked in on Thursday and I won't be able to hear your presentation as I am on Wednesday afternoon. Good luck for Thursday, I don't think you will need it though x

  2. Hi Sarah, I second Mimi's comment-only disappointment is that I wont be able to see your presentation in full but it looks great, honestly! Can't think of anything I would change/adapt! x

  3. Thanks you two :) Likewise with missing your presentations Wishing you both a great day tomorrow. Any chance you'll post your presentations? It'd be lovely to see them x

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