Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Drawing parallels

Another google alert popped up in my inbox today and the lead article took me to a company called sixseconds. On their website they talk about the Six Seconds EQ Model, in which they have taken EQ theory (Goleman and others) and turned it into 'practice for your personal and professional life'  (

Watching the video clip and reading through the article I found myself drawing parallels between the sixseconds model and what goes on in the dance studio. Let me explain!
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The picture above gives the sixseconds three step cycle of developing Emotional Intelligence. The first stage is 'know yourself' and in the film clip Joshua Freeman talks about this stage as 'becoming self aware and noticing what is happening in you' (0.51). This immediately got me thinking about how, as dance students, there is a continuous process of learning to understand your own body - from the first days of being able to co-ordinate skips and point toes to the more complex physical and artistic development of the student dancer.
The second part of the cycle is 'choose yourself' and this he equates to 'being more intentional' and 'managing yourself' (0.57), which seems to me to be exactly what develops in a dancer as they continue through their training - knowing their bodies allows them to perform in a way that they intend to, to achieve whatever shape they desire their body to create or whatever emotion they are trying to express by having control over it all.
The last part of the cycle is 'give yourself', which involves 'vision and values' and 'empathy and connecting with others' (1.07). Isn't the ultimate goal of a dancer how to connect with their audience and how they make that audience feel - from the first smile of a Primary exam candidate to the professional dancer performing on stage/ television/ film?

So, by drawing these parallels I really feel that there could be something worth looking into regarding how dance education can develop EI skills. However, I've not found my way in as to how I might go about this as a topic for inquiry yet...any thoughts?

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