Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Task 4b

I've had the chance to read a lot of blogs since I've been back and have been really impressed by the brilliant ideas/ topics that people have been suggesting for their research.
I had been feeling much like the new girl at school, as everyone seems to have created really strong bonds whilst I was away, but it's been great to be able to join the Facebook page set up by Bobby Pingram as this has brought a lot of people with similar interests and ideas together and I hope now to be more involved in the discussions and idea-swapping.

Looking at the Reader it gives Task 4b as setting up your own SIG group, which I am happy to do but I feel that it might be setting one up that is similar to something that already exists.

Emily Hunt is interested in the psychological side of a dancer's mind, and both Bobby and Clare Orlandi are interested in topics such as self-esteem and student/ teacher relationships. I think that my area of interest also lies within the mental processes that can be encouraged and developed through dance so I hope there will be lots of opportunity for disscussion here.

I spent yesterday reading more articles/ papers on Emotional Intelligence but this time with its relation to dance education. The following article in particular inspired frantic journal scribbling:

My rationale behind looking into Emotional Intelligence in dance comes from wanting to promote the benefits of dance as not just physical and musical development but also that it can encourage the development of self-esteem, self-awareness and awareness of others. However I am not sure exactly how my research in this area could be appproached so would welcome any thoughts and the opportunity to enter into further discussion. As Bobby said in her latest blog
It's funny but I've really found that hearing my own ideas spoken in other people's words has made me able to access that bit of clarity that seems to constantly be on the tip of my Tongue!!! (Pingram, B 2013)
Today I am going to start asking other education professionals (non-dance), that I have access to in my network, as to their thoughts on whether dance training has any benefit outside of the dance studio, with particular emphasis on the skills mentioned above. I hope it will be interesting to see how the wider educational field views dance and hope that whether I get positive or negative reactions it will give me a real relevance to any research that I might want to do.

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