Sunday, 10 March 2013

Helping hands

I'm in reflective mode today and thinking about how the skills I gained from all the topics covered in Module One have really combined to help me move forwards with my inquiry topic.
  • Reflecting through journals, on past experiences and on current practices, and work-related passions and issues has lead me to identify areas of relevance, personal interest and growth, and of potential interest to others.
  • Networking skills and Web2.0 practices have given me the opportunity to engage with others in order to enhance and expand on any reflections/ ideas - both through online articles and books, and discussions via blogging and social networking sites.
Even in the last two days these skill have lead me to:
  • Paula Nottingham's latest blog. In it she compares the search for an inquiry topic to fishing. Brilliantly simple, yet effective! It's something I think I'll be viewing my topics as and (to borrow the analogy) looking for the best catch!!
  • Set up an online survey (via surveymonkey) as a tool to gauge other professional's opinions on my areas of interest. I was also able to open this survey out not just to fellow BAPPers, but colleagues and friends who I felt might broaden my thinking.
  • Find a free Emotional Intelligence test that might help me to identify the types of questions I might want to ask (and obviously I had to take the test too!)
  • Discover that, although few, there are articles relating dance to emotional intelligence. For example, The trait emotional intelligence of ballet dancers and musicians.

I wonder what next week will bring...

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