Thursday, 21 March 2013

For the benefit of...whom, exactly?

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I've been reading a lot this week around the subject of both student motivation and emotional development in dance, which are clearly areas that cross-over.
I've found lots of research covering professional dancers, higher education dance students, students in full-time training and school students, which got me thinking about my daily practice.
I would say a large proportion of my pupils are not interested in dancing professionally nor carrying their training over into full-time or higher education. Where are their voices? Do they have something important to add to the subject of motivation and emotional well-being/ personal development? I would say MOST DEFINITELY SO! question is this, would you be interested in reading an inquiry that focuses on the motivation or self-development of adolescent dance students who take lessons once a week/ for fun/for enjoyment/ etc.? Perhaps from the students own perspectives?

 I'll leave you with an interesting thought that has really inspired me this week (from The Student Dancer by Julia Buckroyd, 2000):
"Physical training for young people...has the potential either to enhance and develop their confidence and self-esteem, or to undermine and damage it. The results in either case are likely to be long-lasting." (p.3)

Please comment as I really want to find out how important, relevant and/ or useful any inquiry I might undertake is going to be. After all, there would be no point to it otherwise...

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