Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Reader 6 reflections - part 1

I've been going through Reader 6 over the weekend and making notes, highlighting text and delving into the questions that it raises.
I thought it would be good to blog my answers to these, not as a formal post but as a series of spidergrams. I hope this will give me the opportunity to reflect further on my original thoughts.

Question 1

Looks at problems or concerns at                                  
work with a view to developing strategies,                     Reflection on the why?,
skills and new knowledge that will resolve                     how?, who? and what? of
or better inform practice                                                  professional practice 
                                             \                                           /
                                           How is professional inquiry
                                           similar to other professional
                                       activity in which you are involved?
                                      /                                                       \
Involves looking for answers                                            Starts from having no real 
from outside your                                                              answers and understanding
skill set to improve/ develop                                             that truth is subjective 
For example:                                                                  
clients,                                                     \ 
employers,                                                What I do has implications for work - 
professional bodies,                                 clients, employers, public perceptions, etc.
existing research, etc.                 
                                               Will be affected (to some degree) by personal bias , 
                                               insider-knowledge, time and resources

Questions 2 & 3

Society publications                                                       Online resources/ articles
Read what is relevant                                                       Read articles
Apply any updates or new thinking                                 Reflect on usefulness in own
Less reviewing more reflection and                                 practice and try out
assimilation into current practice                                     Adopt/ assimilate helpful      
                                                                                          skills/ knowledge
                                       \                                                       /
                                        Do you search and review sources
                                        from literature, gathering information
                                        for decision-making?  Do you collect
                                        points of view in order to have a balanced
                                       viewpoint from which to make decisions?
                                       /                                                      \
Books                                                                                     Person-to-person
More indepth exploration of areas of interest                        Ask colleagues/ employers
Access to further reading                                                       for opinions and advice
Build on areas of expertise and improve                               Talk to professional
on areas of weakness                                                              associates/ networks
Different points of view to widen teaching                          

All information is, to some degree or other, reviewed from a personal bias and adapted to 'best fit' the situation.

Question 4

                                                                                     Inquiry is not just for personal
Follows rules/ guidelines ensuring                           benefit but to others (clients,
ease of accessiblity to others                                     colleagues, organisations, etc.)
                                               \                                /                                                                  /
                                                How is it different?
                                                /                              \
More formal methods of data/                             Limitations explained and
information collection. More                               documented - bias and insider-
indepth analysis of data.                                       knowledge recognised
           Findings presented with
           awareness of audience and               \
           reader in mind                                   Scale of inquiry is generally larger than
                                                                        questions raised in other professional
                                                                        activities or in day-to-day practice
                                                                        (looking at the bigger issues)


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