Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Task 6d - It's Delicious!

I set up my Delicious account when looking into Web2.0 tools in Module One. I found it a really helpful way to store links to articles and websites that looked interesting or subject areas that I wanted to look deeper into.
I found that, even if I didn't have time then and there, it meant I could always find the information again when I wanted it. It was also really simple to remove and reorganise links depending on their relevance and reliability.

Using the tagging function has been great for going straight to the area of interest or to find articles containing certain words.
I've tagged BAPP into several articles that I discovered during this model (and that are pertinent to my developing inquiry) although I may go back and tag all of the articles as they all have a relevance to the course in one way or another.

My first contact on the site has been Hannah Stewart, who has some great links - both professional and academic. She commented, on her blog, about building a network of contacts and how useful this would be to all of us. I totally agree with her and, as such,
I am looking forward to connecting with many more people over the next few weeks and to discovering new, interesting, and previously unknown (to me) articles and websites.

My Delicious page can be accessed here


P.S. Sorry for the very weak joke in the title!

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