Friday, 25 October 2013

A moment of clarity?!

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I came across this just now and it seems to sum up where my head is at this morning!
  • What exactly should my inquiry title be to accurately represent the data
  • Why would people find my inquiry useful
  • How do I present the data, i.e. as professional artifact, so as to reduce misunderstanding and misrepresentation

A journal entry made late last night was concerned with the development of my inquiry from it's proposal stage, and the fact that my proposed title:

There's no such word as can't: Student perspectives on motivation in the dance class

doesn't really seem to reflect where my data and literature is taking me. So instead I am thinking of something along the following lines:

Dance student perspectives on motivation: a study of the highs and lows
I still want to represent any 'findings' from the students perspective but I think that the dual meaning of the second half of this possible title represents a) the differing levels and types of student motivations, i.e. their intrinsic/ extrinsic motives for attending dance lessons, and b) the fact that these motivations can go up or down due to external events.
I realise that the title is perhaps something of little importance in the grand scheme of things but it is my way of condensing the 'what' of my inquiry so that I am certain of its purpose.
I was never going to be able to define the parameters of my inquiry accurately in my proposal due to the nature of my topic area and methodology and recognise that, even at this stage, it is still a work in progress, but I think that this has made things clearer in my mind as to where this inquiry is taking me. 

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