Monday, 14 October 2013

Take two interview recordings into the weekend? No, I just transcribe and go!

(Apologies for the blog title!)

So, last week saw a big progression from the 'planning my interview' stage to the 'get out there and do it' stage!
I'm so glad that I had taken the time and care to structure, plan and develop my questions - thank-you to everyone who has taken the time to comment, discuss, lend me their ears - as I really feel the initial two interviews went well; the students were so generous with what they shared and the passion with which they spoke that I feel quite honoured and humbled...

After the first interview I came straight home and started transcribing the audio recording. I had two main reasons for doing this (and also a reason for not using software to do it):
  1. I wanted to be able to reflect on how every aspect of the interview had gone, including the recording of the data, before the second interview so that I could fine tune any issues
  2. I wanted to be able to be able to add any non-verbal aspects of the interview to the data as soon as possible so that I didn't lose any aspect of the student's input - enthusiasm, nerves, posture, hand gestures, etc.
  3. I felt that by listening over and over again to the words, rather than relying on a piece of software to do it, I would gain a better understanding of exactly what the student was trying to say - the sentiment behind the words, if you like - which, given the wealth of data I imagine I shall be amassing, feels like the best way to get past the shallow surface of the conversations.
With both interviews transcribed now - with participant numbers assigned to help ensure consistent, methodical storage and analysis - and with hand written notes added from what was not said (including some very passionate table banging and some moments of hilarity!), I feel that I am really on my way in this module.
I have four interviews this week, followed by five the following week and one over half term, which makes me really pleased that I planned my inquiry to start as soon as the term started as I think it is going to take me all of half term to get the data ready for analysis.

Now I just need to find time to develop my analytical skills and I'll be fine!!!!!


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