Thursday, 3 October 2013

Campus session 02/10/2013

Wednesday was the first campus session of the term. It was lead by Paula and Alan - with Paula taking the Module 2/3's and Alan the Module 1's after an initial meet, greet, ice-break and discussion.

Paula is my new tutor for this module and so it was really nice to be engaging and interacting with her alongside meeting old and new BAPPers.
There were six of us there who are embarking on Module 3 -
Clare Orlandi, Hayley Dixon, Melanie Brown, Mimi Whitney and Phil Carrol -
and although we are all engaged in varied inquiry topics it was really reassuring and supporting to see that most of us shared the same questions and concerns.

The major part of the session was spent relaying our respective inquiries paying particular attention to any changes, problems, developments since our initial proposal all those months ago. It was really helpful to have to organise and then vocalise what, I personally, have been thinking about but not managing to succinctly extract from my brain!
I am know much clearer in my mind about the vital need to constantly verbalise or transcribe my internal workings and deliberations.

There was a lot of positive discussions from fellow BAPPers - offers of help, 'oh, I've read a thing that might help you,' and support for each person's chosen topic area.

Paula had also put together a presentation, which is on her 3rd October blog here:
For me it is always helpful and more successful when I can have a visual to go with the information, and I found slides 18 and 19 has helped me to see how to break everything down into more manageable sections rather than PANIC!

There were also great 'inter-module' discussions and a couple of concept-drawing games that brought out ideas and strategies for identifying the personal aspect of everything that we are working through at the moment.

I am very sad that I am unable to attend the next session (due to work commitments) but I feel ready for what is to come, and I've even surprised myself as to the level of passion and excitement I have for my inquiry.

Good luck everyone!



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