Sunday, 27 October 2013

Clearing the cobwebs away

I've decided to take today to get out and about, enjoy the sunshine while it was still around and not get dragged down by the fact that the clocks went back yesterday. As my friends will tell you, I am not a fan of the darker months and tend to go into hibernation/ dormant mode when it comes to socialising and even leaving the house becomes something I try hard to limit!

So, as suggested by Paula's blog about enjoying the Autumn (Nottingham, 2013) and after reading Emily Hunt's blog about how Autumn is probably her favourite season (Hunt, 2013), I thought I'd post a couple of photos I took today:

Burnham Beeches, Slough
27th October 2013

Having cleared away the cobwebs from my brain I'm looking forward to starting week six with a renewed energy.
I'm really looking forward to the campus session on Tuesday as I always find them really helpful, as well as being a nice way to connect with people on the BAPP course.
I am planning to spend tomorrow doing my latest  interview transcript (two of my participants have had to be rearranged for after the half term due to illness and indisposition) so that I am on track with my proposed schedule. Then, after the session on Tuesday, I will begin the process of analysing the data that I have.

I feel pleased that I have been thinking of ideas for my professional artifact before doing any analysis as I'm hoping that the data will then push one idea to the forefront as being the most suitable for what it is saying.
I will also need to spend some time considering things like 1) the time scale I have in which to create the artifact, 2) the cost of creating the artifact and 3) the potential audience - although this has already been on my radar (see my blog: Some early thoughts on the professional artifact)


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