Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Share and share alike

I follow Betty Wells blog and saw she had posted a video clip in one of her latest posts about motivating boys to dance. I clicked the link and watched the clip, which was really interesting, then decided to have a wander around the rest of the website. I found this clip:

Watching it I found several words and phrases resonating with my current thinking and my inquiry so far:

'competition'                   'comparison'
               'concentrating on being better than them'
              self-conscious                    'choice'

 'for themselves'                 'student voice is really important'

                  'got something out of it'  


                                                                                             (, 2013)

The video clip focuses on the whole P.E. curriculum for girls, which includes dance, but I can already see parallels with the data that I have been collecting for my own inquiry.
Motivation in learning, therefore, would seem to be something that crosses over all of the students' education and an area that needs awareness and understanding by all teachers irrespective of their subject area(s).

Thank-you to Betty for posting the link, which lead me (through interaction and sharing) to find something relevant to my own inquiry.



Wells, B. 2013. 'Boys don't Dance' an inspirational video. Betty Wells BAPP, [blog] 21 October 2013, Available at: [Accessed: 23 Oct 2013]. 2013. Education videos and resources for professional development. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 23 Oct 2013].


  1. Great blog for sharing - there is so much out there and sometimes what is needed is an enthusiasm for developing practice. I have recommended your blog on my blog - keep visiting others on the programme and commenting as you go - tutors included!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Paula.
      What I found particularly great about the clip Betty shared is that I have not really considered looking for visual forms of literature, prefering to search and read about motivation in text form. So not only did Betty lead me to a new website but she also opened my eyes to the useful video clips out there!