Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Really quickie today but two nice things happened again today, both in the form of comments about my inquiry and both from people who I've only just reached out to in my extended network,

A second email from Susan Stinson, which I won't post publicly as it was written in a private email to me, that really brought home to me how much passion she has and how much I could learn from her about handling my data with, to use her wonderful word, humility.

A comment left on my post on the Teachers of Classical Dance page, which I will post below as it is on a public page, reads:
Done! The very best of luck with your final studies. If you have any more queries or would like to extend the survey to include more questions just let send them on:)
It is a very tricky time when your students become adolescents. We have our own methods of keeping the class challenging and rewarding to keep them interested but a practical study on this would be extremely beneficial. I can safely say that we would all profit from the results of your studies :)
                                                                       (Shinners, 2013)
So, so supportive and so encouraging to know that people who I have never met, and probably never will, can take the time to provide such positive and helpful comments. I hope that in the course of my life I will be able to provide the same for others, in both a professional and personal capacity.

As my students would probably put it: #feelinghappy


Shinners, A. (2013). Comment on post. Available here: [Accessed 6th November 2013]

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