Thursday, 21 November 2013

Professional arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghtefact!

Every time I think I've nailed it I discover something else!

My website idea is still something I'm really keen on but the free website creation sites I've tried (so far) offer templates that feel restricting or blank websites that, although freer to design, still (at the moment) seem very serious and important - the sort of website that says 'everything here is truth' rather than what I want to say, which is 'everything here is an idea or a thought for you to consider.'

In other words I want this:
                                                                           but I'm creating this:

I'm thinking this:
                                                                          but I'm getting this:
You get the idea.
I know my target audience was keen on the idea of a website, with links, and I had figured about the inclusion of a forum to keep ideas and discussions flowing - in keeping with the spirit of my inquiry, but I'm struggling with the reconciliation of my artifact being useful, providing opportunity to read further and still feel like a place where ideas can grow and information can be added and shared...
Then, today, this:
(incorrect link and I can't find the correct one now!)

Really interesting yet not over-loaded with data or information, has a quirky, friendly feel to both the look of the blog and the style of the writing, makes no claims to have all the answers (or indeed any answers) just helpful, supportive tips and can be easily shared with others or commented on.
So now I'm wondering about something similar - like a cross between a blog and a miniwebsite, or facebook-type page (like this: where people can add their own ideas and links to other websites...I think what I'm really aiming for is a giant web-based noticeboard on which I can start the ball rolling with my thoughts and ideas but from where others can add, embellish, widen, deepen, challenge and inspire other teachers.
Any thoughts?


  1. Hi Sarah,
    This made me smile, I know just what you mean:). It is obvious that you are a very creative person and want to deliver an artefact that is interactive and encourages the reader to contribute and explore the theories presented. I feel you could get this from a facebook page or a teaching blog. I myself am a new teacher and value all the advice that you have given me with regard to my own inquiry and feel you have a real gift for mentoring. Betty x

    1. Hi Betty,
      Thank-you for commenting and for being so supportive, it's so nice to know that it's not just me feeling like this!
      You've hit the nail on the head with what I'm looking for - interactive and encourages contributions. Thank-you for putting it so well. I think I just need to keep searching for how I can go about it, but with time running out I hope I find it soon!
      As a teacher yourself it's great to hear your thoughts and ideas about my professional artifact as I would really like to think that my finished item is of use to others - otherwise it has no worth.
      Thanks again, Betty. I hope everything is going well with your inquiry - your blog about student feedback rang so true - their honesty is so refreshing and forces reflection on practice. I'm looking forward to hearing more :)

    2. Wow, it seems your idea would really be harnessing all the great points of web 2.0? Would you remain soul administrator of the page or would you share that responsibility? I think it would be wise to remain in control as then you can remove anything that was inappropriate or un supported? x

    3. Hi Mimi,
      Thanks for your comments :) It is an aspect of my professional artifact that I hadn't really spent any time thinking about so I'm really grateful to you for bringing it up.
      I think,as you suggest, that there would need to be a filter through which all material would pass as I would not want to have any promotional advertising or inappropriate content creeping through, so, yes,remaining in control of the content seems best.
      However, it would also need me to maintain a reflective stance so that I don't just filter out things that perhaps I don't agree with or find a bit 'out there!' Otherwise it won't be a useful teaching aid to anyone except myself and those professionals that think exactly like me!
      I'm going to keep rolling all these ideas around for a few more days before taking it to the next stage of development.
      Hope your inquiry is going well :)

    4. I think it's a good plan to remain 'in control' but yes I agree you would also need to remain impartial. Isn't it exciting to think that we could create something that will cause such a positive impact on other people?

  2. Hi Sarah I think for what you want Facebook would be the best thing. With the website, thats great but you'd end having to do possibly a lot more maintenance on it a alot more often, where as with the facebook page, onceits well known enough its essentially going to run itself. I'd say put in the admin bit that you have to check posts before they get published to make sure its not spam but once its big enough and well known you probly wont even need to do that. and then maybe you could turn it into something else like a website. But if itds a big notice board... i think facebook is the best thing. Plus you can link it up with a twiiter account so that every post on fb goes straight onto twitter as well.and then at a later stage you culd add other teachers you know and trust to the admin panel. Adevertise the page in schools and stuff. i think ts a really good idea. How are you planning to get it up and running by january though? x

    1. Hi Georgie
      Thank-you for such helpful comments :)
      I like the idea of a FB page as most of our SIG interactions are taking place on FB, which suggests it is still a very immediate, widely-used networking site.
      However, looking around at what I want to do with it, which is a combination of writing and sharing others research and articles I am now leaning more towards an edublog-style artifact. My reasoning being that FB and Twitter are great but they reduce content to very small bits, which I'm not sure will be the best format.
      I'm not too worried about the up and running as I'm happy to submit a work in progress as long as it's the 'right' artifact for my audience. I'm currently trialing a website, a blog and a FB page (all unpublished) until I get an idea of what works well for the content I want to publish.