Saturday, 23 November 2013

Update #4

So the last few days have been productive in terms of getting things out of my head and on to paper, or in the ear of anyone who asks me how my inquiry is going!

  • I'm seeing things begin to organise themselves a little better and have managed to start condensing and refining certain sections of my critical review.
  • I am still finding the format of the analysis of findings section is being problematic, although not because the data isn't useful or interesting - far from it - but because everything overlaps with everything else.
  • I'm also aware that my analysis is "quote heavy," which is something that I anticipated but that also makes it very wordy. I had considered using different colours for diary entries and interview quotes to not only break up the large amounts of text but to clearly separate data from analysis, however I am not sure whether this will make it look like a Year 3 homework assignment rather than a Level 6 document! Definitely more thought needed...
  • I have yet to start the final section of the written document but am planning to spend next week looking in more detail at things that I could, or should, include
  • The professional artifact is giving me a bit of a headache, although, after posting a blog to this effect, I received some really helpful feedback and comments from Betty Wells and Mimi Whitney (see blog post, Professional Arrrrrrrghtifact).
  • Finally I have realised by writing these little updates (this is the fourth) I not only give myself a reality check on what I have done but allow myself to see more clearly what I have left to do. It also encourages me to look back to the source of my inquiry to see whether I am still following the path I have laid out or whether I have deviated too far from it.
I really hope that everyone is enjoying their inquiry and moving forwards with all the writing and artifact-producing.
I really can't believe how close we are to the end of things! I don't mean in inquiring or developing professional practice, of course, as this will long carry on into the future, but in our BAPP journey. It's certainly been something I will never forget.



  1. My analysis is currently 2000 words! I have pieces of paper everywhere as I found that this has been a good way of putting together data 'trends'. My writing is also very 'quote heavy' but hopefully I can shift some of that out and make it a little easier to read. x

    1. Woop woop! :)
      Soundslike it's going really well, Mimi.
      I've got a lot of quotes in mine too but I'm hoping that they help the flow of things. I've just got to find a way to organise it now!
      Good luck with it all,