Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Just a quickie!

Two great things have spurred me on this morning, which I felt warranted a quick blog!

Last week I opened up to a new area of my network, namely the Teachers of Classical Ballet group on LinkedIn, to ask for their help and ideas on the professional artifact through completion of my brief survey (on surveymonkey here). The response was so positive and the kind words and supportive comments received have been really inspiring.
I have also received 38 responses (including those from BAPPers and my more immediate network), which means I feel that I am getting a broader view of what my 'audience' would find useful in my professional artifact.
(If I reflect on it, I realise that I only gave limited choices in my survey but then I also feel quite happy that I did so given the limited time I have to create the artifact.)

I contacted a professional outside of my network, who I admire and whose research and writing I really connect with, to ask for any insight she might be able to share.
This morning I received an email back from Susan Stinson, which was so supportive and helpful - she provided a reference for a book on action research that she felt might help solve my issues of presentation and coherence, and also offered to give advice on any other questions I might have.
Susan Stinson has been an inspiration to me from the very beginning, and the fact that I found her through Adesola's blog really proves (if proof were necessary) that reaching out and creating professional networks is vital to challenge, engage and develop critical thinking.

That's all.
I'm off to find myself an online version of that book!



  1. Goog to see use of networking from external. You are also active on SIGs - is it Facebook and LinkedIn - I can't remember - can you advertise these a bit for others to join?

  2. Thanks for this Sarah, during this module I have been making sure of the fb sign groups out there as they seem constantly active, and seem to have neglected linked in and the valuable uses it has of opening up to sharing ideas with a wider network of people who have similar values to you, I now intend to get back onto linked in to see what groups I can find on there similar to my inquiry.