Sunday, 10 November 2013

Just when you think it's safe, something comes along to rattle the cage!

So the point of inquiry is not to answer but to gain better understanding and develop further questions, yeah? OK. I get that. But it would be nice, just for a few minutes, to enjoy the things that you've been thinking before finding yet more question pop into your mind to muddle the issue again!

So what's brought this on? Well, let me tell you!

My reflections on the professional artifact over the past few weeks have been many and produced a variety of different ideas and methods for presentation,
  • something tangible
  • something accessible
  • something that targets my audiences professional needs
  • something that considers my audiences personal needs
  • something that represents my students
  • something appropriate to what I am trying to present
So, after a survey to discover how my audience would prefer to see material presented and comments from my various networks on such things as web-based ideas being more in keeping with current trends and providing links to theory as well as practical ideas I had begun to lean more towards a (mini) website that included a forum to encourage the reader to share and discuss.
Difficult to progress any further until completion of data analysis but a step in the right direction, I felt.
Then I read this from Steve Anderson's blog:

Books, you say?
Physical and digital copies available?
Concise, to the point and easy to read?
Full of great ideas and suggestions?

Now what do I do? OK. Breath! Step away from the artifact!

So it's back to the data tomorrow and the next stage of analysis, giving time to subconsciously absorb this new information before reflecting on the artifact again.
I know this is the process through which everyone goes but it doesn't make it feel any less daunting...


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