Sunday, 7 October 2012

I'm feeling full of energy and enthusiasm this morning and so have started the day by uploading two new pictures to flickr account. They were taken yesterday, by the very lovely Tania, whilst I was teaching my Grade 5's. It's quite odd seeing myself in action and gives me an insight into what my students get to see on a daily basis!

I have also been reading more blogs profiles and, being particularly inspired by Jane Capers blog, it made me realise how I want to show more about me in my profile. I've added a couple more lines to my original profile, but at the moment I can't seem to get it to show up on my blog (even though it is clearly there when I go to google+). I'll be looking into that later...

I listened to the podcast that Rosemary McGuinness posted on her blog and found it both reassuring, that a lot of students struggle to organise their time/ studies, and helpful, with all the ideas for structuring and planning. I found Tara Brabazon's last words very inspiring as she not only talks about the reflexive nature essential to being a good scholar, and how important it is to recognise the changes that take place but also of the importance of enjoying the process of study.

I'm off to fuel my brain now, as I'm meeting friends for lunch, but I'm looking forward to planning then, hopefully, tackling Task 1c this afternoon!

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