Thursday, 11 October 2012

Who do you think I am...

Following on from yesterdays reflection on literacies, and their relevance to my practice, I have been looking back at my blog entries and wondering whether the perception I have of myself is in any way similar to how other people view me?

I can now articluate that the changes I've made to my blog have been instigated by my attempts to present myself in a certain way:
  • Design - how would someone coming to my blog for the first time perceive me? As Lankshear says "when we look at someone's weblog we might well find that much of the meaning to be made from the content has to do with who we think the blog writer is" (2007, 4)
  • Post headings - if you were to flick through my blog would you want to read past the first entry? Do they add to the meaning or the context? 
  • Entries (1) - do I limit the accessiblility of each post by the language/ literacies I use. Does variety (writing, pictures, videos) within a post increase it's intelligibility?
  • Entries (2) - does the post have the same meaning to others that it does to me? And in my articulation am I thinking about what meaning others will take from my posts; writing what I think others might want to read?
I  think that the changes that I have made are partly in response to what I have seen in other people's blogs, what I find positive and what I find negative, and partly in response to what I feel is the best way to present myself.

I do write and then read/ edit every blog before I post it although, on reflection, this is mainly to organise my thoughts in a more user-friendly way rather than to curb the "me" in order to present someone "different" or "better".

I can see that I am biased by my background/ knowledge and so colour my writing from a unique palette but if I do so is this a good thing, a bad thing, or the very nature of Discourse?

It would be interesting to hear what other people are thinking about the blog experience so far and to have feedback on my blog too...

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