Tuesday, 9 October 2012

This just in...

I've just got in from work and my inbox had a google alert that sent me to an article at georgiacomo.org.  The short article was about reference services and their relevancy to students in today's Web 2.0 generation but embedded within the text was a link to something called Zotero, which turns out to be a Web 2.0 application that might be very useful for doing this course...
It seems to be a research tool that sits in the browser itself and gives you a one click option to store articles, etc. in one place and then can bring them up for you, when you want them. How useful would that be when writing essays and you need to pull up information or a quote!! It might also be a great way to organise and collect articles by other professionals that are relevant to, and will help expand my knowledge for, my professional practice. I'm too tired to play with it tonight but I'm going to have a good look at it tomorrow and see if it's as useful as I think it might be!

(Apologies if this is a rambling mess but I'm tired and excited, which is never a winning combination!)

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