Sunday, 14 October 2012

Task 1a revisited

When I put up my C.V. as part of this module I received a lovely comment from Rosemary McGuinness suggesting that perhaps I was selling myself short and that looking at my achievements within particular jobs could help me to show my unique skills. I decided that today was the time for action!

I looked at my current employment and thought it might be an idea to show what skills I use at each place of work. However, I've ended up with less information than I initially added as I felt that there was just too much writing and that it was difficult to read. 
I've also added memberships of committees/ teaching groups, along with C.R.B. and drivers license details.

I've changed the design too, as I wanted a fresher look, and hope to have created a more user-friendly format. I've still kept the education section before the employment section but I've condensed and rearranged to get each one on a seperate page so that anyone looking at it can skip to the page that is most relevant to them.

I've uploaded it here, although in doing so the layout seems to have altered slightly but I'll work on that (For example, it was only two pages on my laptop but now seems to be three pages!).Here's the link to my old C.V. so you can see what I have changed.
Please let me know your thoughts/ comments. Have I made things better? Worse? No different?


  1. Sarah - glad to hear that you reworked your CV - however I could not open the link to the revised one - could you work on this. It's really good that you have attempted to revise it tho'

    1. Rosemary - When I first posted it I double checked the link and it worked fine, I've tried it again today, and as you say, the link clearly doesn't work. Not sure why, however I've played around with it since and can access it again. I hope it will work now. S